Why You Need A Screen Enclosure For Your Patio

Posted on: 21 May 2021

Spending time outside can be a great way for your family to take advantage of nice weather. Sometimes, you may even want to stay outside to enjoy a warm summer rain, or take in the sounds of leaves blowing on a windy day. When you want to be outside, you might still want to have some protection from certain things. Having a patio area that is screened in will make your time outside so much more enjoyable. Keep reading if you want to learn how a screen enclosure can be beneficial. 

Keep Mosquitoes Away

One of the things that can send people right back into their homes is mosquitoes. They can relentlessly chase you and when they bite you they will leave you with red, itchy, and swollen bites. Even if you have done everything in your yard to make sure there is no stagnant water for them to breed, you can still find your family battling them. They can come from a neighboring property or a nearby source of water. When you have a screen enclosure around your patio, you can keep the mosquitoes away. You'll also be keeping a lot of other pests away, such as flies, beetles, bees, wasps, and others. 

Keep the Pets Away

Your family likely loves to spend time outside with the family pets. However, when you are trying to enjoy a good barbecue, or other meal outside, you don't want to have the cat trying to jump on the table and the dog begging and trying to steal the food off your plate. When you have a screen enclosure around your patio, you can let the pets in the patio area when you want them there and send them back outside when you don't. 

Enjoy Some Privacy

A screen enclosure may not seem like it would provide you with much privacy, but it will. A screen enclosure will be very easy for you to see out of, so you can still enjoy watching the kids play, the leaves blow on the trees, and the sun rise or set in the distance. However, the screen will be difficult for people outside of the patio to see in and this gives you privacy. If you don't have a solid fence around your property, then you may want that added privacy. It will allow you to enjoy being outside without others seeing you, so you can feel more at ease. 

For more information, contact a company that installs outdoor screen enclosures.