3 Critical Signs It Is Time for Foundation Repair

Posted on: 25 May 2021

As a homeowner, you should ensure that every part of your house is structurally sound to keep your family and valuables safe. For instance, it is advisable to regularly inspect your house's foundation to ensure that it is in good condition. If your foundation is portraying signs of despair, it's advisable to hire a skilled foundation repair contractor to assess it and offer the right solutions. If you ignore foundation problems, they will become worse and costlier to repair. But how will you know that your property's foundation needs a professional's attention? Here are three critical signs that you should watch out for: 

You Notice Severe Cracks in Your Walls and Floors

As a homeowner, you should never ignore cracks in your exterior or interior walls and floors. The cracks may occur when your house's foundation is in trouble. Contracting soils, harsh weather, and low-quality construction materials may ruin the structural integrity of your foundation and cause severe cracks. Large gaps between your windows or doors and walls may accompany the cracks. It's advisable to hire an experienced foundation repair contractor to repair the cracks as soon as you notice them, which will prevent them from widening. If you allow the cracks or gaps to widen, your house may collapse, leading to property damage and injuries to your loved ones.  

Your Floors Are Sagging or Uneven

A saggy or uneven floor may also indicate that your foundation is in trouble. Shoddy craftsmanship, soil movement, and underground leaking may cause severe damage to your foundation, leading to cracks and uneven floors. Moreover, as your residential property ages, its foundation may get compromised, making it too weak to hold your house. For that reason, your floors will start becoming uneven or develop cracks. When you notice these signs, it's imperative to book an appointment with a foundation repair contractor to fix the underlying issues to prevent more severe problems from occurring. 

Your Windows and Doors Are Sticking or Misaligned

Foundation problems can also affect your doors and windows. For instance, if your foundation is faulty, your doors or windows will get misaligned. You will encounter difficulties when trying to close or open them. The movements in your foundation can ruin the frames of your windows and doors, causing them to twist out of balance. In such a situation, you should hire a foundation repair contractor to inspect your house's foundation and repair it to avoid more problems in your home. 

You may also notice weird spaces between your walls and ceilings when your foundation is defective. As a homeowner, addressing foundation issues as soon as possible will prevent more structural problems in your home and elongate the lifespan of your house. When you notice any of the above foundation issues, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a certified foundation repair contractor for professional help. 

To discover more on foundation repair, contact a professional in your area.