Three Core Features Of Any Garage

Posted on: 26 May 2021

If you are adding a garage as a home extension, then you are probably looking forward to the extra space and security that this new room will offer both your car and stored items. Garages can be anything you want, but there are still some basic features that you need to think about before you finalize any plans. These are the core features of your garage, and they will influence how you use the space for years to come, so it is important you spend some time thinking about them and deciding on which path to take.

Automated Door Or Manual Door

Most modern garages come with an automated door attached to them that is activated by a button or sensor in your car. This allows very easy access without having to exit the car, but it also is more expensive, both as an upfront cost and for ongoing maintenance. If ease of use and simplicity are top of your priority list and money is no problem, then an automated garage door is a no-brainer. On the other hand, if you want to go with the more traditional option, then you will find many garage builders still offering manual doors that you have to swing open yourself.

Type Of Concrete Flooring

Almost all garages have concrete floors, but not all types of concrete are the same. Some types of concrete can have more insulative properties so they stay warmer during the winter. Others can have their surface beautified so they look more like an artistic feature, while others can be polished so that they almost resemble a mirror. If you want your garage to look a little nicer than just the barebones, untreated concrete floor you might already have, then talk to your garage builder about what options they offer and see if you like any of them.


There are many types of storage facilities that can be installed in your garage, and the more the better. From shelving to display stands, there are dozens of different ways to keep items that you are not currently using safe and sound from moisture and decay. You can even find ways to hang storage needs from the ceiling so you use up all of that otherwise useless space at the top of the room. If you have a crawlspace under the foundations, then that too can be converted into storage. It is all about thinking laterally when it comes to finding every last square inch of storage.