When You Need To Pump Your Septic Tanks

Posted on: 26 May 2021

Septic tanks are incredible inventions that allow for an almost completely self-sustaining sewerage system in your own home. For those who live out in the country or perhaps those who just want to be left alone, septic tanks provide that opportunity. However, they do not come without any drawbacks. Septic tanks need to be well maintained by professionals so that they do not get corroded by all the foul chemicals and waste fluid that they come into contact with. Septic tank pumping is an important part of that maintenance, but it can be hard to tell when you need to have it done. Here are three signs your septic tank needs a good pumping sooner rather than later.

Surface Bubbling Over The Septic Tank

Septic tanks are supposed to be self-contained, at least until the effluent gets to the percolation area (for systems that use a percolation field). If the waste leaks before that time, then it can be very unhygienic and cause problems for your whole house. The only way to tell it is leaking is generally by seeing the actual presence of waste bubbling up from underground. If you know where your septic tank is located, then keep a close eye on it. Any strange movement or clear signs of waste indicate your septic tank is overflowing and needs to be pumped.

Unhygienic Smell

Often before you see a problem with your septic tank, you will smell it. That is because these smells can permeate through the earth due to how laden with bacteria the waste is. Whenever you smell something that is clearly emanating from the septic tank, you should have it investigated. The very last thing you want is a build-up of effluent just below the surface, as this can cause the whole area to become unsteady and can potentially get you and your family sick.

Clogged Drains And Pipes

Sometimes people mistake the symptoms of an overflowing septic tank for something more common, like a clogged drain. It is a simple mistake to make, and it is not entirely wrong, but the issue is much larger and requires professional help to clean. Septic tank pumping removes the logjam of waste and puts the system back into more healthy behavior. If you are constantly getting clogged toilets or your shower won't drain as fast as it should, then you should talk to someone in the septic tank business about getting a pump up to your home.