Boat Lift Issues: When You Need Marina Repair Services

Posted on: 14 June 2021

You'll want to make sure that your boat lifts are in good condition at all times, especially when your marina offers long-term storage, dry-docking, and similar services. Unfortunately, boat lifts aren't immune to problems, even when they have been properly maintained. Here's a look at a few things that you should know about boat lift issues and signs that you may need a marina repair professional to help you with yours.

Are The Mechanisms Rusted Or Seized?

Although some boat lifts are crafted from aluminum, which is fairly resistant to rust and corrosion, many boat lifts are made from steel. Steel is vulnerable to corrosion, especially if it's being used in a saltwater environment. When the arms on your boat lift start to rust, sometimes the joints and the mechanisms can seize from accumulated rust and corrosion debris. If your boat lift is not moving, or if it is jerky while it's in motion, and you can see signs of rust on the body structure, you should call a marina repair technician. They can help you determine if the problem is repairable or if you'll need a replacement lift. 

In most cases, you can blast the rust away with a sandblaster or remove it with a grinder wheel, then treat the metal with a rust inhibitor to discourage it from coming back.

Is The Motor Performing Erratically?

The motor on your boat lift has a pretty demanding job. Not only does it have to raise and lower the lift itself, but it also has to perform under the weight of watercraft, which can be a substantial burden sometimes. Over time, your boat lift motor can start to wear out. Whether it's due to poor lubrication or simple fatigue, you might notice that your boat lift's motor stops responding, seems to respond intermittently, or is slow to lift.

In those cases, it's in your best interest to have the lift motor inspected to see if the damage is repairable. In many instances, a couple of replacement bearings or seals might restore your boat lift motor's proper operation.

Has Your Boat Lift Shifted?

If you have your boat lift mounted atop piles, you trust those piles to be stable and secure. However, erosion beneath the water's surface can sometimes cause piles to shift, settle, or even crack. When that happens, it affects the boat lift that the piles are supporting.

Observe the boat lift before you try to operate it. If it no longer looks level, seems to have shifted in any way, or looks like it's settled, you should reach out to a marina repair technician right away. They can examine the condition of the piles below the surface, shore them up if necessary, and ensure the structural stability of your boat lift.