4 Benefits Of Using A Construction Design Contractor In Commercial Construction

Posted on: 29 June 2021

Do you have a commercial construction project that you want to fast-track? You could adopt the design-build model instead of the traditional design-bid-build model. The design-build model brings together design and building professionals in one team for more coherence in project implementation. Instead of dealing with several contractors, you take on one construction design contractor for the whole process. There are several advantages of using this approach in complex commercial projects.

1. Better Team Coherence 

The conventional design-bid-build model problem is that several teams are working on different things. If the design team makes a mistake, the construction team must take back the design and point out the errors. These back-and-forth exchanges are inefficient and loopholes for costly communication errors.

A construction design contractor brings different professionals into one team. The builder will have input during the design process, which makes the communication process smooth, and solving emerging issues becomes quicker. 

2. Better Project Accountability 

In the traditional model, there is room for passing the buck when a problem emerges. The building team can blame flaws on the designing team and vice versa. Accountability becomes an issue in a complex commercial project.

When working with a construction design contractor, there is only one part to answer for all mistakes. Therefore, contractors take great care to do things right because, ultimately, they must answer for their mistakes by omission or commission. 

3. More Room For Negotiation

It is not cost-efficient to deal with several teams. Each team will try to maximize its price, making negotiations harder and more drawn out. It necessitates separate negotiations with architects, designers, and builders. 

You have more room for negotiation when dealing with one construction design contractor. The contractor will be more open to negotiation because they handle the whole figure and not just a slice. You also get value for money because you get all the professionals you need under one roof. 

4. Quicker Project Delivery

Incoherence and breakdown in communication are the biggest pitfalls in the traditional construction model. It takes a very good project manager to coordinate the separate contractors. 

Working with one contractor quickens project delivery because only two parties are involved: the client and the contractor. Emerging issues can be quickly worked out. Communication is more open and direct. Project reporting is more informative, and it is easier to identify bottlenecks and their remedies.

Would you like to see the speedier completion of your commercial construction project? Talk to a construction design contractor about your expectations.