3 Tips to Create an Industrial-Chic Home

Posted on: 26 July 2021

Homeowners want their living space to serve as a reflection of their personal tastes and styles. One type of building approach that has been gaining in popularity among modern homeowners is industrial-chic.

The unique industrial-chic architectural style is characterized by some very distinctive elements. Learn more about these identifying elements so that you can work with an industrial-style builder to create the home of your dreams.

1. Minimal Finish Work

One of the most striking elements in an industrial-chic home is the lack of finish work that is completed inside the home. Instead of framing out walls and adding sheetrock, builders focusing on creating an industrial-style living space will keep the "bones" of the space exposed.

You will see a lot of exposed brick, steel columns, overhead ducts, and metal pipes in an industrial-chic living space. If a home doesn't have these intrinsic elements, they can be added by a builder.

The lack of finish work that goes into creating an industrial space can help to keep building costs low.

2. Neutral Color Palette

Another defining characteristic of an industrial-chic space is the use of a neutral color palette. The existing features in the space tend to lean more toward the cool side. The metal of pipes and ducts can be balanced through the use of neutral colors in the space.

Builders will often incorporate a lot of raw and warm wood into the structure of an industrial-chic home. The warmth of the wood balances cool tones while lending a weathered and vintage look to the living space.

3. Vintage and Salvaged Design Elements

It is common for builders to use vintage and salvaged elements when creating an industrial-chic living space for their clients. The use of vintage and salvaged elements helps to pull the industrial look together.

You will see a lot of salvaged industrial equipment repurposed to serve as furniture, light fixtures, and art pieces. Vintage textiles and light bulbs are also used by builders to create a cohesive and industrial feel within a living space.

The more vintage and salvaged items that you can incorporate into your home's design, the more authentic your industrial-chic living space will look over time.

If the thought of living in an environment that is reminiscent of an old warehouse or factory space appeals to you, then work with a builder that specializes in industrial design as you build your next home.

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