Actions To Take When Building A Residential Roof Truss

Posted on: 1 September 2021

There are a couple of reasons why roof trusses are placed on residential properties. They can give surrounding systems more support and provide more space for a room. If you're adding one of these elements to an existing roof, remember to perform these actions.

Select a Type 

The first priority when having a roof truss added to an existing roof is selecting a type. There are different options that are characterized by the shape and number of support systems. Some options that you can choose from include king, queen, fink, attic, scissor, and gable trusses.

Rather than trying to guess which truss type is appropriate for your property, you should consult with a truss installation company, such as Campbell Truss Company Inc. A contractor can help you make the right structural assessments to choose a truss that ends up supporting other materials great and holds up without any issues. 

Consult With a Structural Engineer 

There are some important assessments you need to make when designing and constructing any sort of truss for a residential roof. For instance, you need to make sure the truss can bear the right amount of weight and is structured to hold up to certain elements and conditions. 

If you work with a structural engineer, you'll have an easier time refining these key structural details of a roof truss. Then the right blueprints can be created, and this build can be set up for success. 

Take the Pre-Engineered Route 

If you want to have a much easier installation process to look forward to with a roof truss, then you should go the pre-engineered route when putting this system together. This is where most of the truss is put together in a controlled factory.

The truss that you order from a manufacturer will be put together without elements playing a factor, which ensures you gain access to high-quality materials that are free of defects. Since most of the truss sections will already be assembled, you can have them shipped out to your home and then have a faster installation process to look forward to. Contractors don't have to put together as many systems themselves, saving you time and money. 

You want to be particular about the things you do when adding a roof truss to your property. As long as you make the right assessments that are backed by professionals, you can add this structure to your roof without exposing yourself to major dilemmas.