Why Fall Is Prime Time For Roof Replacement

Posted on: 28 September 2021

Have you recently looked up at your roof and noticed some damage? Your first instinct might be to shrug it off for now and hope the roof will make it through another winter. Your roof might indeed make it. But, there are no guarantees, and often, the better bet is to have the roof replaced in the fall. Here are a few reasons why fall is such a good time to replace your roof.

You'll have a new roof going into the toughest season

Of the four seasons, winter is the hardest on roofs. The persistent freeze-thaw cycles can lead to peeling and missing shingles. All it takes is a tiny bit of water to leech under the edge of a shingle, and once that water freezes and expands, that shingle will raise off the roof's surface. The next time it warms up outside, more water will get under that shingle. Then, this water will freeze and the shingle will be lifted even further.

If your roof is already starting to deteriorate, chances are it will leak and develop all sorts of other problems in the winter. By having the roof replaced in the fall, you free yourself from having to deal with the expense and inconvenience of these issues.

Your roofers may complete the project faster

Roofing is hard, physically demanding work. It's even harder for roofers in the heat of summer when the sun is beating down on them. But in the fall, cooler temperatures make it easier for roofers to do their job. They might be able to get your roof replaced in fewer days. Some roof companies even charge less in the fall since their workers don't have to work as hard or suffer as much.

You'll find out about other, related issues

While they are up on your roof, your roofers will generally let you know about related problems such as clogged gutters, blocked sewer vents, and damaged chimneys. Some roofing companies can fix these problems for you at a discount since they're already replacing the roof. Even if they don't do this work for you, you'll at least know that you need to have the work done, which will save you from having to deal with it mid-winter.

Fall is prime time for roof replacement. If your roof is starting to show signs of damage, you should consider having it replaced now rather than waiting for spring. Contact a local roofer to learn more.