Using Spray Foam To Upgrade Your Home's Insulation

Posted on: 27 October 2021

Changes or modifications to the insulation in your building can be a major change to undertake. However, insulation can be critical for keeping the home protected from a number of problems while also allowing for better temperature regulation of the interior.

Assess Whether the Insulation Needs to Be Removed

Homeowners will often fail to account for the fact that their insulation can suffer damage that may lead to it needing to be replaced. One example of this damage can be issues caused by rodents. These pests can destroy much of the insulation, and they can leave behind droppings that may contribute to rot developing. Moisture damage and extensive mold growth can be another reason for replacing the insulation that is in the home. In situations where the insulation is insufficient but in good condition, the addition of supplement spray foam products can help to provide more effective results for the areas of the home that are under-insulated.

Determine Whether Moisture Protection Is Needed

There are some areas of the home where the insulation will need to be more resistant to moisture. This can be especially true for the insulation that is added to the bathroom, exterior walls or near the crawlspace of the house. Closed-cell spray foam insulation can be an excellent option for these areas. In addition to being highly effective at blocking drafts and convective heating, this insulation is also very water-resistant. In addition to mitigating the ability of water to soak through the insulation, this can also help to block water vapor from seeping into the structure. Lastly, spray foam insulation is one of the fastest and most convenient types of insulation to install, which can make it ideal for supplementing the insulation in completed structures.

Consider Insulation That Can Suppress Noise

Noises from outdoors making it into the home can be a major distraction that makes it harder to enjoy living in the home. This can be particularly problematic for those living in busy cities or near major roads. One option for reducing the amount of noise that intrudes into the house is to install noise-reducing insulation in the exterior walls. There are many spray foam insulation products that are rated as being effective at blocking noise. This option will provide you with the traditional benefits of spray foam insulation while also making your home a more peaceful place for you and your family to spend time despite the loud noises that may be outside your house.

For more information about spray foam insulation installation, contact a construction company in your area.