Reasons Door Replacement In A Mobile Home Is Unique

Posted on: 7 January 2022

There are several times when you may need a door replacement for your property. This can be due to weather issues such as high winds and falling limbs or trees. It can also be due to damage within the home. Regardless of the reason, you will need a door replacement. The key to remember is that if you have a mobile home, replacing the door may be a bit different than replacing a door in a traditional home. Here are some reasons why the replacement may be different and what to know about each reason. 

Door Sizing

The size of mobile home doors differs greatly from the traditional door sizing you may find. In most cases, the door for a mobile home will run smaller than traditional home doors. You may also find that the doors for the front and back of the home differ greatly. In some homes, the door for the front of the house is larger than the back door. The back door may also be smaller or larger than the doors in the home. In traditional homes, the doors are generally uniform in size, with the only differences being between the front and back doors. This means that a door replacement in the mobile home requires detailed measurements. 

Types of Doors

Depending on the location of the door, you will have various options for the type of door you want to use. The two basic types of doors will be a traditional mobile home door and a storm door. The traditional doors are generally made from plywood or another similar material. The doors are hollow, meaning they have front, back, and side panels with nothing between them. Though you can get solid doors, they have to be specially ordered. The storm doors are made of a heavy-duty material, usually metal, and can hold up against most high winds. 

Mobile Home Supplier

Your contractor will likely mention ordering the door from a mobile home supplier. Most cities have at least one mobile home supply company nearby. The reason they would order from a supplier rather than a traditional hardware or renovation store is due to the overall differences between the traditional and mobile home doors. Where a traditional hardware store may not have the door measurements you need, a mobile home supplier would likely have them in stock. 

When you are ready to have your door replacement done in your mobile home, contact your area contractor. They can assess the area and determine what doors may be the most ideal for the replacement. They can also discuss options for high durability interior and exterior doors and locking mechanisms that may be suitable for your specific home design. Contact a door replacement service near you to learn more.