Why Storm Windows Make Sense For Older Homes

Posted on: 7 February 2022

If you have been living in your home for many years, or have recently moved into a house that is on the older side of the spectrum, then you probably have quite a few renovations in mind that you want to achieve. From upgrading older flooring to repainting the walls to a color that is more reflective of the times, there are a bunch of minor renovations you can do, but also a few that you really need to do to make sure your home is still safe despite being quite old. One of those renovations that you should consider is the addition of storm windows, and here are a few reasons why that is so crucial on older homes.

Protect The Weaker Window Frames

Storm windows are often installed on the outside of traditional windows which means that you don't have to make any significant changes to the way your home is currently set up. They are quickly installed to the exterior part of your home and provide strength and durability in the face of the elements that might otherwise pose a threat to a weaker, and older, window. If you wince every time there is a strong wind or get worried when it begins to rain because you know your current windows don't have much life in them, then storm windows should be your solution.

Two Are Better Than One

You might be wondering why it isn't just easier to remove your current windows and replace them with these stronger storm windows, but the simple truth is that having two windows is better for a number of reasons. As already pointed out, two protective layers will keep your home safer from weather events, but also this additional layer gives you far better insulation in the more extreme months during winter and summer. That pocket of air between the two windows works the same way double glazed windows would, and storm windows are cheaper and simpler to install than them.

Reduce Sound

One of the main reasons why so many Americans love storm windows is that it allows you a certain level of peace due to the sound insulation it provides. So many people have long hours and early starts at their workplace that they don't have time to be kept up at night by the white noise outside their house. Storm windows provide insulation not just from the temperature outside, but also from the sound. In older homes with thinner windows and less protection from the sound, this can be a lifesaver. 

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