How You Can Make The Concrete In Your Hotel More Appealing

Posted on: 3 August 2022

When people think of materials that look good or interesting, usually concrete is not the first thing that comes to mind. That is quite understandable as concrete is often used for more utilitarian purposes, but under the right circumstances, your hotel concrete could look both very classy and refined as well as be extremely useful. The trick is dressing up the concrete just a little bit more than you might be used to seeing it, and there are many hotel concrete services out there that can help you with exactly this task. Here are a few ways your hotel concrete can be made more appealing.

Polished Concrete

While it is quite an old service, many people still are unaware of just how incredibly polished concrete can look. All it takes is an additional coat of epoxy resin and some precise sanding down of the surface and your concrete will look as though it is straight out of a movie. Polished concrete is extremely reflective and looks as though it costs ten times what it actually does. Best of all, polished concrete makes the actual structural integrity of the concrete far more resistant to water and erosion, which are two issues that your hotel concrete can have.

Painted Concrete

While a lot of people think of concrete as an entirely industrial flooring option, you can dress it up significantly by using a combination of paint and polish. If your hotel has a certain color theme running throughout the whole property then that will be fairly easy to continue and replicate in your concrete. While this is a bit more of an advanced task than simply polishing the concrete, it should not keep your hotel lobby or other areas off-limits for too long, especially if you get it started right away.


Concrete in warehouses and storage facilities often has quite visible cracks running through it. While those cracks are not a threat to the structural integrity of the building, they do dissuade hotel owners from having concrete put in because it will look quite ugly and cheap if it cracks. The good news is that these cracks can be patched over and covered by any number of hotel concrete services you can find. You do not have to put up with cracks, most companies simply do because aesthetics are not important to them. As they are entirely cosmetic, they can be fixed and hidden from sight in a manner of hours, which is less maintenance than other, more expensive flooring options you may consider.  

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