Why Spray Foam Is The Perfect Insulation Material For Between Walls

Posted on: 27 October 2022

Many homes do not have enough insulation between the walls. Some older homes don't even have any insulation in the walls! If your home falls into either of these categories, then adding insulation is a great way to reduce heat loss and lower your energy bills. But which insulation material should you choose? In many cases, the best option is spray foam insulation. Here are some reasons it makes the perfect material for between-wall insulation.

It can be inserted through small holes.

You want insulation between your walls, but you probably don't want to have to tear the walls down or make big holes in them to install that insulation. With spray foam, you do not have to. Spray foam expands to fill the space it is sprayed into, and it can be sprayed out through rather small applicators. So, to apply spray foam between your walls, all an insulation contractor needs to do is make a couple of small holes, a bit larger than a quarter, and spray the insulation in through them. You will have to patch these holes, of course, but doing so is much easier than replacing entire wallboards or an entire wall.

It can get wet with no consequences.

You would hope that your walls were tightly sealed enough that no moisture would ever get between them. But sadly, in many older homes that lack insulation, this is just not the case. Your exterior walls may have some cracks and crannies that let water flow in. This water would soak insulation materials like fiberglass or cotton, which could lead to mold growth and could also attract insects. Spray foam insulation does not absorb moisture. In fact, when sprayed between walls, it tends to seal those little crannies that could otherwise let in moisture. This makes spray foam a good choice for older homes with potential cracks in the walls.

It does not fall down and compress.

Your wall spaces are tall, vertical spaces. If you fill them with most insulation materials, like fiberglass or cotton, the materials will fall to the bottom of those chambers and become compressed. They will then become less effective. Spray foam does not come with these issues. It will stay right in place, where it is sprayed, for years to come.

If you need to add insulation between your walls, spray foam is the material to choose. Talk to a service such as Shelter Foam to learn more.