Tiny Home Living — Choose Between A Fixed Home And A Transportable Home

Posted on: 27 December 2022

Tiny homes support living a simple lifestyle. These types of homes are on the small scale but often maximize indoor space. The unique design of a home may provide an owner with all of the modern conveniences and basic essentials needed to enjoy a fulfilling life. If you would like to pursue the purchase of a tiny home, research fixed home styles and transportable home styles.

A Fixed Home

A fixed tiny home is one that is secured to a foundation. Often, a construction team will mark the property and pour a concrete or wood foundation that a new home can be set up on. A construction team that designs and builds tiny homes may come out to a property owner's land and prepare a plan for the construction process. A tiny home can be built out of any material that larger homes are made of. A tiny home can even feature a specific style that larger homes are noted for.

For instance, if you are fond of Cape Cod-style homes, there is no reason why your new tiny home cannot feature this same type of style. A construction team may even feature this particular style already. Many builders advertise a wide range of home styles.

A fixed home will require plumbing, electricity, and HVAC equipment. A construction contractor may subcontract professionals who can aid them in completing a home project. All of the professionals who are subcontracted may be responsible for installing a utility or another item necessary for you to occupy your home.

A Transportable Home

A transportable home is one that is set up on wheels. This type of tiny home is a popular investment choice for people who like to explore various regions. Someone may be ready to settle down in a particular area but then be inclined to move to another town or state. If they have access to a transportable home, they can remain in the same residence at each location they select in the future.

If you decide to explore the purchase of a transportable home, you can choose a standard home style or a custom style. You will need to determine how you will tow your home, in the event that the initial place that you set your home up at is not one that you wish to remain at. A transportable home will come with all of the same modern comfort features and essentials that a fixed home comes with.

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