3 Reasons To Hire A Residential Electrician For An Attic Renovation Project

Posted on: 2 February 2023

Planning to transform your attic into a usable living space? Without question, such a renovation project can add functionality and value to your home. However, the attic consistently serves as an area to tuck away a lot of the functional elements of a home, including electrical components. For this reason, it is a good idea to bring in the aid of a residential electrician when you first get started. This professional can lead you to make good decisions and avoid disrupting electrical components along the way. Take a look at a few reasons to hire a residential electrician for your attic renovation project. 

The electrician can relocate important components before you get started 

The attic is often a void space that serves as an area of the house to contain many of its functional components out of sight. For example, an attic is commonly where you will find electrical wires and junction boxes where wires meet. Before you get started on certain aspects of the renovation, some of these components may need to be moved. Junction boxes, for instance, may have to be re-routed to the walls so they are not installed beneath the floor. 

The electrician can offer suggestions about electrical panel upgrades

By finishing the attic to be usable space for your home, you are adding square footage to the home but also a greater electrical load. For the space to be functional, you will likely need:

  • New light fixtures
  • Access to multiple electric outlets 
  • Climate control in the new space

All of these elements can heighten the amount of electricity your home uses overall. When a home is built, an electrical panel is installed that can support the existing elements in the home that require power to function. Therefore, if you greatly upgrade how much power the house will use, your panel may either need to be bigger or new breakers installed to accommodate the added load. 

The electrician can help you install new wiring and fixtures 

Naturally, a new living space will need new electrical fixtures. And, you can't install new electrical fixtures without adequate wiring in the attic for the purpose. Additionally, you may need help installing basic electrical components like outlets and light switches, which can be lacking in a rudimentary attic space. The attic's layout can also be a bit unique, which can make simple tasks a little harder to navigate. For example, it may be difficult to install a new outlet on an angled wall or light fixtures that look right with a pitched ceiling.