3 Advantages of Propane for the Earth-Conscious Consumer

Posted on: 6 March 2023

Do you try to live your everyday life in a way that is kind to the planet? If so, you may have put a fair amount of thought into which energy source you can use that will be as kind to the earth and environment as possible. While you may have a number of options for powering heat systems, appliances, and even your water heater, propane gas is one of the best for Earth-conscious customers. Before you make your final decision about using propane, be sure to check out a few ways propane is good for the environment. 

Propane Does Not Have a Disruptive Infrastructure 

When you choose to use propane to power your home, you won't have to call to get connected to some kind of public propane grid. Instead, propane is stored as a liquid in a tank right on your property. When you have used most of your supply, you can simply contact a local supplier for a residential propane tank refill. The company sends out a propane truck to refill your tank. By contrast, services like natural gas or even electricity have a widespread infrastructure of delivery lines that have to run through natural ecosystems to supply customers. 

Propane Is a Clean-Burning Fuel Option 

Burning propane is also not as bad for the environment as burning other fuels. By nature, propane is a clean fuel that does not contain as much carbon. Therefore, when propane is burned in your heat system or otherwise, there will not be as much carbon released into the air.  

Leaked Propane Is Not Harmful to Natural Ecosystems 

Propane is bottled in a liquid state, but when it is dispersed, it is a vapor. When propane leaks out into the environment, the vapors simply evaporate in the air and do not pose any major risks of contamination. By contrast, if you were using heating oil as a primary fuel source for your home and a leak occurred, the oil could contaminate the local groundwater supply and pose significant risks to wildlife. 

Propane Gas Is More Efficient and Clean-Burning Than Other Fuel Sources 

Propane burns hotter, heats faster, and requires less energy for producing more energy than many other forms of gas. This makes propane a highly efficient choice for everything from heating your home to powering your range or oven. Many people prefer to cook with propane because the temperature is easier to control.