4 Drywall Repairs To Make Before Painting Your Walls

Posted on: 6 July 2023

Painting your home's interior walls will solve a lot of small imperfections, but more severe damage to the drywall must be fixed before painting begins. Otherwise, some of the damage will still come through the new paint and the walls still won't look as good as they should. 

1. Soft Spots 

Previous water damage can lead to soft spots on the drywall, which will slowly crumble over time and compromise the new paint. If there is still dampness present, then there is also the issue that the paint won't adhere at all. Soft or damp drywall must be cut out and patched with a new piece of drywall. In the event that there is still moisture, the cause of the water must also be found and repaired.

2. Penetrating Stains

Minor stains on the wall likely won't be a problem if your painters use a good primer before paint application, but penetrating stains can bleed through. Examples of penetrating stains include any that contain oils, such as grease stains in the kitchen or nicotine stains from smoking in the house. Mildew and mold stains can also come through, especially if the spores haven't been destroyed with bleach. Your painters will need to clean and seal the stains or remove and replace the affected drywall. 

3. Fine Cracks

Small cracks can sometimes form in the plaster "mud" that is applied over the top of bare drywall. These cracks aren't signs of structural issues, they are instead usually caused by a mid mixture that dried more quickly on the outside than it did on the inside. Fine enough cracks can sometimes be painted over, but there is still a risk that the crack will reform through the paint. A fresh layer of thin mudding, that is allowed to dry before painting, is a better solution. 

4. Hole Damage 

Holes, whether small ones from a nail or larger ones from an accident, can't simply be painted over. Small nail holes and similar can be quickly patched with a small amount of drywall plaster. These usually won't be visible after painting. Larger holes must be cut out so a patch of new drywall can be fitted into place. Then the patch must be mudded over and then textured to match the rest of the wall before it can be painted. 

Contact a company like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc to determine if you need any drywall repairs prior to painting your home.