How To Easily Install A Stone Fireplace: Step-By-Step Instructions

Posted on: 2 October 2023

A stone fireplace effortlessly becomes the centerpiece in any living room, offering both warmth and sophistication. For those not afraid of a little DIY, this project is entirely achievable. The task may seem intimidating at first, but with the right guidance, it's simpler than it appears.

Gathering Essential Materials

The first step is to assemble all the necessary tools and materials. Stones (either natural or faux), mortar, a trowel, a hammer, and a level are required for the project. A masonry brush will also come in handy. Safety should never be compromised, so remember to gear up with gloves and safety glasses.

Preparing the Work Area

Before diving into the installation, it's crucial to prepare the working space. Clear the area and protect the floor with a drop cloth. If an old fireplace is already in place, remove it safely. Ensure the new fireplace's site is clean and free from any debris.

Laying the Foundation

Creating a sturdy foundation for the fireplace is the next step. Mix the mortar as per the instructions on the package. Apply a thick layer of this mortar to the base where the fireplace will be installed. Use a trowel to smooth out the mortar, ensuring it's level.

Stone Installation

Installing the stones is where the project starts to take shape. Begin from the bottom and progress upwards. Generously apply mortar on each stone's back and press firmly against the wall. Regularly use a level to ensure the stones are straight and even.

Leave ample space for the firebox, the area where the fire will burn. Framing this area with larger stones adds a dramatic effect.

The Finishing Touches

After all the stones are securely in place, let the fireplace dry for an entire day. Once it's completely dry, use a masonry brush to clean off any excess mortar. Then, it's time to sit back and admire the newly installed stone fireplace.

Mantel Installation

If you like the mantel look, construct the mantel frame using two-by-fours. Attach it to the wall by drilling screws into the firebox. Use mortar to fill in the gaps between the wood and stones, creating a seamless look. Once it's dry, attach decorative molding pieces at each corner for a finishing touch. Finally, hang up your mantelpiece and enjoy its beauty. 

Reach out to a company that offers fireplace installation services if you would like to learn more about this topic.